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Natural Language Rehabilitation through Information Technology

A community-based initiative towards e-maintenance of indigenous languages in West Bengal.


  Extending the amenities of Information Technology for the rural population of West Bengal.

  Considering 2019 to be considered as the International Year of indigenous Languages (Resolution adopted by the General Assembly of United Nations on 19 December 2016 and extended to UNESCO to take the lead on the basis of the section 71/178, Rights of indigenous peoples) and the emergence of rehabilitation of natural languages using information technological tools and techniques.

This project offers to develop curriculum and other linguistic contents as the part of e-maintenance of the indigenous languages in West Bengal. Phase – I or the current phase of this project directly serves a major rural population of two districts of the state, i.e., Birbhum and Purulia. This initiative will built two centres which will act as local language technology hub for the rural population for two districts mentioned above.

In particular, the present phase of this initiative works for:

  Santhali, Kora, Turi, Bhumij and Kol speaking population lives in Birbhum, and,

  Birhor, Kharia Thar, Dhimal, Kudmali and Ghashi speaking population lives in Purulia district.